Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Thank You, Miss Oliver by B. S. Dixon

reading a collection
of poems about
the divinity of
nature while riding
the train to
work on an
everyday Tuesday

my tired eyes
beg for a break

only to be resurrected
upon closing the
book and looking
out the passenger side
window to see

the half frozen
pond glimmering
in the unrelenting
morning sun and
          flock of geese filling
                                   an empty
                                        winter sky

B. S. Dixon is working on his first poetry collection inspired by his work with those dealing with homelessness in Boston, MA. His writing has most recently been printed in Red Eft Review, Right Hand Pointing, The Eunoia Review, Poem Wars and Boston Literary Magazine and will also be published in the upcoming spring issue of Unbroken Journal.

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