Saturday, July 21, 2018

In the flood zone out back, by Ronald Moran

my creek ruptures if provoked,
but never runs full dry, and only
then will prepaid, transients north
of Marietta ever agree to remove
storm debris or trim or take down

maples soaking in the always moist
ground, home to copperheads, lone
cottonmouths lost in the flow,
plus raccoons, stray deer, bobcats,
and mosquitoes the size of birds.

Sometimes late at night, I hear one
of our off-center locals offering
wet penance to his god of choice,
or to a partner in this inexact place
out of sync with itself and its lives.

Ronald Moran’s last six volumes of poetry were published by Clemson University Press, and his poems have appeared in numerous magazines. His writings are archived in the Special Collections of two universities. He lives in Simpsonville, SC.

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