Wednesday, August 31, 2016

City Harvest by Ben Rasnic

With a secondhand garden hoe
sculpted rows of powdery black earth
by the cedar panel fence
where the sun breaks free
from lodge pole pines and towering maple,
framing my private sanctuary
like a secret window.

A growing season compromised                   
by cold snaps in May
& the long shadows of September,
cucumber vines find a way
to spread their wings
like uncaged birds
beyond the trellises.

Cayennes and jalapeƱos
pulse from forest green to fiery red
as firecracker August heat
finds plush ripe tomatoes bursting
with sweet crimson fruit
and okra spears sprouting from
fleshy green stems.

Two streets down,
work crews buzz saw a grove
of vibrant evergreens, 

layer the greenbelt
with a fresh glaze of asphalt,
breaking ground
for the next Olive Garden.

Ben Rasnic is the author of four collections of poems: "Artifacts and Legends"; "Puppet"; "The Eleventh Month" and "Synchronicity". Ben currently resides in Bowie, MD.

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