Friday, April 1, 2016

Flora's Cafe by Tanja Bartel

Famous for its fights and eggs
He used to drive me all the way into the city
during the long bus strike of ’82
Park on Granville Street
when there was still parking
Breakfast before my shift

Flora and her little husband
would argue loudly in Mandarin
over the roar of spitting grease and sizzle
She’d scream over our tightening sausages
Yell down onto the world’s most delicate scrambled eggs
Flip and shove them with her metal spatula
Serve them, still quivering, to us newlyweds

Tanja Bartel is a writer and teacher. Her work has appeared in Right Hand Pointing, Prose Poem Project, Grain, Contemporary Verse 2,, and upcoming in Rusty Toque.

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