Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Honeymoon, First Marriage by Jan Duncan-O'Neal

          Windsor, Berkshire, England

After a morning in the chapel
beneath St. George’s wedding cake vault,

we huddled under the dome of a black umbrella,
crossed streets to the tea shop on a corner

where we folded our hands around tea cups
and ate toasted scones. The Cornish cream

spread thick, the raspberry jam drizzle,
the satisfaction. Relief from another day

of rain: a perfect setting for romance
if I had been in love instead of just married.

Jan Duncan-O’Neal has devoted the past twelve years to writing poetry since her retirement in the library world. Her work has been widely published, and The Lives You Touch Publications published her chapbook Voices: Lost and Found in 2011. She is currently compiling a full length collection and is an editor for I-70 Review.

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